Facility Maintenance and Planning Services

Facility Management & Planning Services

Michael L. Burson established Facility Management & Planning Services LLC in 2011. His goal is to offer his 38 years of experience in facility management to organizations who could benefit from professional advice in maintaining and building facilities in a way that supports an organizations’ strategic vision or assist in its transformation.

The appearance and functionality of your facilities sends a message to your customers. The appearance and ease of travel through a healthcare facility will give prospective patients and families an impression of the level of care they will receive in that facility. Because managing facilities is not the core function for most organizations, it becomes a prime target for budget reductions in tough economic times. Sometimes management then struggles with keeping up the appearance and functionality of their facilities with significantly less resources available. Some smaller organizations simply need access to professional facility management expertise to extend their own management skills and make their dollars work.

Facility Management & Planning Services LLC can help you get the most from your maintenance and construction budget no matter how big or small.