Facility Maintenance and Planning Services

About Us


Michael Burson led the development and implementation of a 10-year $1.2 Billion program to replace all schools for Cincinnati Public Schools, a 34,000 student urban K-12 school district in Ohio. This program was done in partnership with the Ohio Schools Facilities Commission in accordance with their policies, procedures and contractual requirements to ensure the local district would receive it’s promised portion of the funding from the state. This project produced 22 LEED certified school buildings, 3rd largest of all districts in the country in 2013. Michael was responsible for selecting and directing all design professionals, acquisition of $26 millions of property, engaging the communities in the design of the projects, managing the construction process, and development of preventive maintenance and capital replacement programs for the completed projects. He also provided leadership to the supplier diversity program for the last 2 years of the project almost doubling the minority contractor participation. Due to Michael’s commitment to community engagement and foresight of the district, the major civic impact of the project was its role in converting schools into Community Learning Centers.

He was previously facility manager for a 650 bed university affiliated teaching hospital, and served as Director of Facility Management for the City of Cincinnati where he was responsible for approximately 69 properties including fire and police facilities, city hall, and public spaces in the downtown core and operations of a historic public market. Prior to this period, Michael was responsible for maintenance and capital improvements in the school district for 15 years.

B.S.; Architecture, University of Cincinnati
Certified Facility Manager, International Facility Management Association


What Experience Do We Have?

  • 40+ years experience maintaining and building public facilities.
  • Management of small or large capital improvement projects. This includes providing leadership to an organization; its administration, staff and executives to all work effectively with its consultants and construction professionals so that each member of the team knows what to do and when to do it
  • Implementation and development of computerized maintenance management systems.
  • Acquisition, disposition of real estate, development of leases, managing real estate issues related to construction.
  • Organization of in-house maintenance and project management resources for cost-effective performance.
  • Selection and leadership of architects, engineers and other design professionals.
  • Knowledgeable primarily in institutional construction types, materials, details used in buildings from the 1860’s to current systems.
  • Managing construction quality.
  • Effective ways to reduce energy consumption in buildings.
  • Strategies for increasing inclusion of diverse businesses in both professional and trade construction disciplines.
  • Experience in developing and sticking to realistic budgets and schedules.
  • Unique perspective of a certified facility manager with a degree in architecture.
  • A collaborative leadership style.
  • Proven ability to engage constructively with communities.
  • Effective communication skills.