Case Study: Rebuilding Cincinnati Public Schools, the CPS Facilities Master Plan

FMPS is most proud of our participation in the complete replacement and renovation of all the school buildings for Cincinnati Public Schools.  As the Facilities Director for Cincinnati Public Schools, Michael Burson was the chief district administrator for the project. 

The plan, which included 50 projects, cost $1.17 billion dollars, and was completed in 2013 after getting approval of the taxpayers in 2003.  With 23 LEED registered schools, this plan has been transformative for the district and the 52 neighborhoods it serves. 

While this was a major architectural and construction achievement, building community partnerships to provide medical and extended day services has made Cincinnati a model for what schools need to be.  The educational planner on the Master Architect team of URS/DNK had the vision to include a Pre-school classroom in every elementary building even before the community voted to fund pre-school throughout the district in 2016.