Facility Maintenance and Planning Services

Facility Management & Planning Services

Michael L. Burson established Facility Management & Planning Services LLC in 2011. His goal is to offer his 4 decades of experience in facility management to organizations who could benefit from professional advice in maintaining and building facilities in a way that supports their strategic vision . The appearance and functionality of your facilities sends a message to your customers. Your staff cannot do their best work and some members might stay home on those days when the sanctuary is too hot or cold.

Today’s buildings can be extremely complicated with the increased use of computerized controls. Facility Management & Planning Services LLC can provide your organization with the “tools” to more effectively maintain your building.

If you are planning a new building, renovation or addition; do you need help working with your architect or contractors?

Facility Management & Planning Services LLC can help you get the most from your maintenance and construction budget no matter how big or small.