Facility Maintenance and Planning Services

Our Work

Case Study: Places of Worship

Facility Management & Planning Services has assisted 2 churches in Cincinnati with their maintenance needs. Turning Point Ministries recently acquired a new church with an occupied school attached.

Case Study: Maintenance and Patient Satisfaction

Before I went to work for University Hospital, I wondered why hospitals needed to advertise. I discovered that competition is high in healthcare and public institutions were not exempt. Healthcare organizations aggressively pursue getting their patients to participate in surveys to let them know how the patient felt about their experience.

Case Study: Computerized Maintenance Software

The old saying “The job is not done until the paperwork is finished!” is more important now than ever. Having to get an emergency furnace repair on overtime because you forgot to perform a simple maintenance check-up wastes precious dollars and may cause an interruption to the use of your building.

Case Study: Outsourcing Facilities Services

In our experience maintaining public facilities, FMPS LLC has a wide range of experience in outsourced services. We have prepared specifications and administered competitive bidding to secure services from cleaning to chiller maintenance.